Pastor Lillian Van der Westhuizen is the wife to Apostle Nicky Van der Westhuizen. They have two wonderful sons, Nicky jnr and Migael who currently resides on the East rand, Johannesburg. Together they founded NBCFC in 2004, which is now a very influential ministry in South Africa. Pastor Lillian's passion and desire is to lead people to experience and have encounters with the love of our Heavenly Father. She gives a true life testimony of being abused, homeless, fatherless and how to rise from the ashes to be a voice to human today, every person will have an encounter and be challenged to have a deeper love for God and His people. She is a powerful intercessor with a prophetic anointing upon her life. Pastor Lillian is passionate about raising and empowering women to walk in the fullness of their purpose in he Kingdom of God.

The west

We are the Wests. We aren't your average family! Like every other family we are filled with flaws and imperfections. We do believe on working on those flaws and really relying on God's grace TO BRING US closer as a family. Apostle Nicky and Prophet Lillian have been married for 22 years. They have two children, Nicky Jnr (20) and Migael (18) who love the Lord.

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